We deliver software that works


We bring your business online. Quickly and efficiently. With web projects that turn visitors into enthusiastic customers.

Mobile Apps

We have a clear process and very good developers, thanks to which we turn your idea quickly into a successful app.

Search Engine Optimization

We ensure your website ranks better on search engines.


We have the right competencies to deliver successful projects.

Testing ideas with minimal investment

We support the definition of a minimal viable product and with the research of its acceptance. We also help with the cost estimation.

Defining the scope of development

We help define and prioritize the tasks of product development. This way you get the most value for your investment.

Delivering projects with a clear communication

We ensure that goals are achieved. Your feedback is continuously integrated into the project.


Let a team innovate

Through a team, something completely new can emerge. Especially when the right methodology is applied to new ideas and the potential is not limited by predefined solutions.

Rethink your business

Digitization offers the opportunity for new products, new business models, new collaborations, new ways to create value. An opportunity for fundamental renewal.

Release early
Release often

A product idea contains many assumptions. With the right methodology, you can minimize this risk and the potential development effort.

Measure a lot
Learn quickly

The faster your digital product improves, the better. Measure how it's being used. Learn quickly from feedback. Improve it immediately.

Marketing matters
(a lot)

Your digital product will be new. How will users - existing and potential - learn about it and be convinced? This work is harder than you might expect.


Lean product development
Focus on the main revenue generator.

Lean Leadership
Ensure to harness the power of the whole team.

SCRUM and Agile Development
Deliver fast and learn from failures early.

Continous Delivery
Get the new features continously out to the customers.

Business Model Generation
Proof ideas and optimize fast.


New Product Development Projects
From Rapid Prototypes to large-scale production.

11 Countries
We are globally known for our implementation expertise.

Our competence
We cover it end-to-end: from idea to GoLive.

Our Partners
We have long-term, reliable partners, for large and complex down to small projects.


Our clients are happy and we’re bragging about it here

 „Thank you for conducting the workshop!
It was a great contribution to make our Technology Forum successful!“

Dr. Reinhold Achatz
Head of Corporate Function Technology, Innovation & Sustainability, ThyssenKrupp

"It was a lot of fun to work with you. I have seldom experienced such a good and fast cooperation with an external partner."

Fabian Wesemann
Co-Founder & Group CFO

"At Ingasol we find a set of expertise that is perfect for our portal: technology, usability, online marketing and product strategy. We have to deal with one supplier – Ingasol organises the rest. Trustworthy. Reliably. The result: our online portal with several thousand doctors grows and grows."

Heide Fischer 
Managing Director, Solnar GmbH